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Stockings have riveted men’s attention for centuries.
This alone makes wearing them worth the effort.
Fully fashioned seamed stockings are perfect.
If you buy a better quality suspender belt (i.e. Rago of New York) you will find that the fit is comfortable and easy to wear.



Men are stimulated visually, much more so than women are.
Women seek emotionally satisfying relationships whilst many men are satisfied with the fulfilment of baser needs.
It behooves the seductress to become highly skilled at visual stimuli.
The stark contrast of black nylon and white skin, the different textures and fabrics, contours, angles, perception…
This is your playground.


An idea can be far more powerful than the reality.
It leaves so much unsaid, uncertain, unresolved.
Facts are tangible and controllable.
Ideas are wayward.
The idea of you may be far more thrilling for him than the reality.
Reveal yourself reluctantly.
The longer you remain a mystery, the more potent the idea of you.
Keep the man guessing and he is forced to speculate rather than know.