Kinky is a matter of preference.
Just be careful.
You might think that wearing tights beneath stockings is sexy and kinky, whereas the man does not.
Feel free to explain your predilections but remember that your kinks may not be his kinks.
One tip is to go through the appearance of discovering your tastes together.
This gives the impression of objectivity; you are not explicitly invested and can gauge his reactions.


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Instead of thinking about what you can add to your outfit, ask yourself what you can discard.
Subtlety and sophistication reflect good taste, intelligence and restraint.
A flower does not need tinsel.


Quality is not the quest for more.
It is a desire for better.
The seductress is not expected to crave designer labels and be high maintenance.
She simply wants a high quality relationship based on the fulfilment of her own values in a mutually agreeable manner.


The main problem with dressing well is that you have absolutely no control over who might take an interest in you.
This is a major drawback.
Some men may seem OK at first.
However, once you investigate further you realise that the man is a Neanderthal…
He is base: he just wants sex.
He is sexist, patronising, dim witted, ignorant, cliché.
And he is boring.
Walk away.


Lead from behind.
Gentle use of inflection, a gaze, the most fleeting of touches.
A hand on the chest or arm.
Be very careful never to raise your voice or show irritation.
Allow the man the opportunity to follow you.