Seduction is a kind of grooming; a process of training the man.
Up until the man met you he was feral and did pretty much as he pleased.
Now you must take over.
He must slowly be house broken and shown how to behave properly.
This will require patience and a firm hand.
By dressing appropriately and remaining absolutely feminine throughout the grooming period, you can guarantee compliance.


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Hair is a very personal matter and you are the best person to determine what is appropriate for you.
In terms of seduction, do a little research?
Examine different styles and looks.
Figure out what works for you…


Women have broken from many of the traditional gender stereotypes.
We have asserted our right to equal rights and opportunities.
This is fabulous.
In the 21st Century this has extended into sexuality with the rise of femdom (female-led sexuality).
Seduction attire and presentation adheres to the old Hollywood Golden Era stereotypes.
How come? It works.
There is no point whatsoever in throwing the baby out with the bathwater…



People are quick to judge one another.
First impressions can linger long after a person gets to know someone, often tainting future relations.
Make sure that a man’s first glimpse of you is striking and effective.
Command his attention from the onset.


People commonly confuse assertion and aggression.
They are not the same thing at all.
Assertion is not emotional.
It is quiet and calm, balanced and reasoned.
Many women fail to be assertive in practice and resort to being nasty or mean.
What lady would behave in such a fashion?