Women’s magazines have some merit.
The hair and make-up on the models is usually first rate, with lots of great ideas.
Fashion is fashion; fads, trends and whimsies… it usually has little bearing on seduction.
Unfortunately the articles are often really bad news.
They depict a world of sad, lonely women who would rather hang out with friends than be with a man.


Regrettably our endeavours must usually start with the flesh.
Men are drawn by what they see so our bodies must be firm and fit.
We clothe ourselves attractively and make up our hair and faces.
These preliminaries are superficial but without them what man will look our way?


London 1954

In terms of seduction, power is the ability to enchant, engage and enthral.
It has nothing directly to do with sex.
If you approach seduction with the intention of parting your legs once the man plays nice, you are playing the man’s game not yours, and he is seducing you, rather than the other way around.