Seduction is all in the details.
Look at the colour of the hosiery, the denier.
The barely there heeled sandals.
The pleated skirt.
The indifferent poise.


Seduction offers a taste of fantasy.
Our lives are overwhelmed with the grit, grime and stresses of everyday life.
Take some time out to relish living.
Instead of making the least possible effort, enjoy spending the time really putting your heart into something.
The fun part of seduction is that you hold all the cards, so you get to dictate the fantasy.


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Boots are difficult in terms of seduction.
Too high and you look like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman… or a Musketeer… or a fisherman.
Ankle boots are a no-no.
Knee high can look great if you have good legs and the boots are very tight.
Platform heels are not so good unless you’re sporting a goth/fetish look.