Men respect strength.
They do not respect weakness.
A quiet female strength will show any man that you are determined to have your way.
You are not asking for an opinion or feedback.



Some fashions and styles always look superb.
The crisp, clean make-up of the 1937-1963 time period still looks fantastic today.
Most recreations fall way short of the original.
This is what makes the presentation iconic and worthy of emulation.


Suspenders worn without pants

Men think that women dress to please men.
I guess that some women do.
Often women dress to compete with other women.
Some women wear whatever they feel like: they dress for themselves.


The grass is always greener somewhere else…
Not when you’re playing.
Make sure that the man sees you as being the alpha female.
He will want you and no other.
Play hard to get and he will chase.
If you don’t test his resolve he will not take you seriously.