1950’s Fashion ♥

Fashion is always in flux.
Skirts get shorter then longer.
They are pleated, they are straight.
The fashion industry are always scouring the past decades for ideas and then re-introducing or re-imagining them.
You can also do the same.
Look at the iconic styles of the mid 20th Century and create your own elegance.


Being true and genuine is sincere.
Gratitude, regret, earnestness, humility, modesty.
Sincerity is a sign of character and strength.
Don’t put on an act.
A weak, shifty person lacks integrity.


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Heels may be something of a seduction cliché but the reason why is obvious.
They are effective. They work.
There is no need to over-analyse the situation.
Putting on the right kind of heels lengthens the appearance of your legs and excites men.
Enjoy the power trip.


Once you get in the habit of wearing tights, stockings, nice shoes and being more feminine, you forget that you were once making an effort.
What was unfamiliar is now familiar.
It becomes normal; no big deal.
You move unselfconsciously around the house in just a pair of tights and a sweater whilst the man watches you and sweats in hopeful anticipation.


Seduction is not about being a phoney.
You should not try to fake it.
Think of it more as learning a new skill, a different way of doing things.
Nobody likes ingenuine behaviour, insincerity.
Be yourself.
But be the best parts of yourself.