There are unimagined acts and possibilities available to women in the 21st Century.
The old limitations are gone.
You can watch videos on-line showing perfectly civilised Japanese ladies kicking men (where it hurts) until they collapse… and then carrying on kicking.
It is all a matter of what you want to do.
Avoid being limited by your existing knowledge and experiences or the opinions of people you associate with.
The world is your oyster.


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<p>by Stephane Perruchon</p><br /><br />

Once upon a time women were permitted to dress smartly but no one wanted us to be intelligent too.
Nowadays we can be smart in all respects.
Seduction provides an example of what to do with our brains.


Seduction is not about equality.
It is about control.
You are not seeking to be a man’s equal.
Why aim so low?
Instead, you want man to crave you, to obsess over you, to yearn for you.
He will then do what you say…


<p>Misstress waiting… oh oh…

You determine your own worth.
If a man sees that you have self-esteem, he will value you also.
Faith in yourself will inspire confidence in the man.
When you lead he will follow.