How does the man respond to you?
What is his first impression?
The ability to accurately read the man is essential.
If you do not tailor your seduction skills to ensnare his interest you may miss the mark entirely.
But do not be concerned.
Your aim is to gain pleasure not give pleasure, so just adjust and watch.


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Seduction is not fore-play.
It need not lead to sex at all.
Aim to be delightful, charming, intelligent and fun.
Engage their attention without effort, without trying.


Seduction is an art.
It is naive to assume that we all innately possess the skill to seduce.
That is tantamount to believing that we could all write a Shakespeare play.
Skill takes practice, research, understanding and application.
The effortlessness of skilful seduction is the product of a vast amount of experience and the confidence that can only arise from success.