You may be doing everything right yet it doesn’t work.
The problem here is appropriateness.
Are your seductive skills the right combination for this particular man?
If in doubt, don’t worry.
Quietly do things your own way and if the man doesn’t like it, that is unfortunate.
Your role is to control him not please him.



The good news is that thousands of women have done much of the hard work for you.
They have spent centuries successfully seducing men.
We have the gift of their knowledge, their experience.
Clothing, hair, shoes, mannerisms have been explored and refined already.
All we have to do is understand seduction: what to wear, when, why and how.
Then comes the hard part: putting the proven methods into effect…



Your aim is not to force a man to do anything he doesn’t want to do.
Instead, you want him to please you of his own free will.
This is why seduction is a subtle skill.
A man who is eager to please does not need to be bullied or humiliated.
He will serve your needs because he desperately wants to.


<p>Ars amandi ❤️ the art of love.

If you adopt and manifest the gender characteristics traditionally associated with women, then your body will be shaped accordingly.
Your face will look feminine.
How you use your body will equally be womanly.