Seduction is not a mean-spirited endeavour.
We are not getting back at men or seeking to one-up them.
Nor are we competing against men.
Our aim is to challenge men to give their best to a relationship rather than the dregs.
No modern woman wants to be an afterthought.


Legs are the longest part of the female body.

Why do most examples of erotic/romantic photography show women wearing hosiery?
Stockings and tights worn with heels look sexy.
They are a very potent, powerful and effective item of seductive clothing.
For the sake of a minor effort you can grab complete attention from the onset.


Once upon a time we told never to talk about sex, politics or religion.
These were the three taboos.
In the 21st Century we have three new ones: no time, no money, I’m too tired…
Everyone says these three excuses.
People probably say them to you.
How do they make you feel?
Who couldn’t claim to be too busy, in need of more money and short on energy?
Manage your time, spend judiciously, get some rest/do healthy low energy exercise (yoga/tai chi) and eat healthily.