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Show restraint in your choice of clothing, behaviour and expectations.
Be understated rather than vulgar.
If you leave nothing to the imagination, how can you conceivably stimulate the mind?


We are all different and my way may not be your way.
Similarly, your way may not be the man’s way.
Who can say?
Seduction is not about personal opinions.
It follows the styles and traditions of the mid 20th Century.
Individuality is encouraged but the methodology must remain intact.


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The marketing industry employ an incredibly sophisticated range of skills designed to engage interest and promote desire.
Horny is not enough.
A sexually aroused person will lose interest once their appetite is sated.
Desire is much deeper; it cuts to the heart of the target and instils a quivering degree of excitement.
Encourage a yearning that grows with each encounter.


Women no longer seek or require the approval of men.
Seduction is the tool we use to ensure that things go our way and conform to our desires.
Men may want to watch football, drink beer, play video games, provide token sexual interest, be waited on, serviced, pampered and fed.
We want more from men and we are not asking for permission.