The magic of the well dressed seductress lies in her ability to maintain the man’s undivided attention at all times.
Her tricks are a mixture of attire, conversation, body language and skilful use of the eyes.
The man craves the magic; he wants to be enthralled.
He wants more…


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Being lazy is quite normal.
People stop well short of their limits and simply give up.
Seduction is about wanting more.
You are not content to stop where you should or ought to.
Is it possible to go further?
Why not find out?



The ability to gain a man’s complete attention is the first step in controlling him.
If you can persuade a man to look exactly where you want him to look, you are in charge, you are directing his interest.
The picture above proves the point entirely: what are you looking at? The newspaper?


Seduction is not moral.
But in some people’s minds you might be regarded as ‘naughty’ or ‘bad’.
This is OK.
Instead of quietly accepting a secondary role in a relationship, the seductress dares to step forward and assert.
Not everybody is going to like this.