Some women deliver their words in a manner that is reminiscent of a machine gun.
The harsh, abrasive flood of abrupt words are rattled out at high velocity.
You can see men quite literally recoiling.
Such women imagine themselves powerful but fail to notice that men are not respecting them at all.
A lady does not speak in an abrupt, grating fashion.
Her words are not hammered out nor are they sarcastic, pushy or whiny.


You make the effort to look beautiful and elegant, but the man does not…
This is an awkward moment.
Suddenly you hold all the cards.
The man feels foolish and inept.
By contrast you look graceful and suddenly unattainable.
If the man thought that a clean shirt and a shower was enough, he now knows better.
Inspire him to be a better man.


A cougar is a mature lady who seduces much younger men for sexual gratification.
Mrs Robinson from the movie The Graduate is an archetypal cougar figure.
Seduction plays a larger role for mature ladies as they come to rely less upon looks and more upon charisma, charm, wry humour, experience and sexual presence.
The tools of the trade (shoes, hosiery, make-up etc) are second nature for the cougar; she expertly conceals her physical flaws and accentuates her strengths.
She is an apex predator: top of the food chain.


Times have changed.
What was appropriate in the 1970’s is old fashioned these days.
Women need to be aware of their role in society; we are strong these days and can make our own decisions.
We should also remember what it means to be a ‘woman’ and behave accordingly; with femininity and class.