Wearing sexy clothing is not what seduction is about.
You also need a sense of humour, wit, intelligence, patience.
But most of all you need passion.
Passion is not arousal; rather it is vitality, enthusiasm, verve, alertness and joy.
For passion to emerge there must be genuine sincerity and interest.


Tights have the wonderful quality of denial.
A man cannot access you intimately unless you allow him to.
This thin layer of see through fabric offer a glimpse of the delights within but nothing more.
So near and yet so far away.
Don’t remove your tights too quickly… later perhaps only allow the tiniest possible space for access.


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Avoid being obvious, coarse or predictable.
Sophistication is a matter of engaging the mind rather than the eros.
Encourage the other to move closer.
Draw them in by not stepping forward yourself.
Remain in the shadows and clothe yourself in the unknown.