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Women often think that Fifty Shades of Grey and other such books are provocative.
Maybe they are.
After all; provocation involves challenging what you believe, setting aside long-held opinions and trying something new.
Sadly, men dominating women is not new.
It is not provocative.
If you want provocative ideas, maybe you should read a little more?


Words without feelings and emotions are like a beautiful woman who is not attractive on the inside.
Both have no depth.
A feminine woman has depth.
She is in touch with her feelings and isn’t afraid to be open.
She sees vulnerability as a sign of strength and the place where deeper connections are made.

She knows that the way to a man’s heart is by expressing her feelings and emotions with grace.
And when she does, she provides a safe place for her man to open up and just be himself.
He feels accepted and respected for who he is. And in turn, she feels appreciated and cherished.

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