Privates are called privates for a reason.
In seduction we are reluctant to reveal our most intimate parts.
Show him your feet, the curve of your bum but don’t part your legs.
If we extend the notion of privacy to include our thoughts and feelings… we must also be coy in that regard.
Cultivate mystery, embrace secrecy and reserve.
Hold something back.
Don’t be an exhibitionist.


A lot of women are good are finding excuses not to make an effort.
They just let themselves go.
Usually they blame men.
This is a weak excuse for lazy behaviour.
Blaming men suggests learned helplessness and an unwillingness to take responsibility for the choices you are making.
Remember: the lazy cow grazes alone.


The way in which make-up, hair, clothing and mannerisms can combine to create an ensemble says a lot about you.
Vivaciousness, flair, humour, an eye for detail, intelligence, charm and charisma.
Complement this with considering how you behave and why.
Demonstrate innovation, quick understanding, attentiveness and shrewdness.


Seduction is far removed from vulgarity, boastfulness and coarse behaviour.
Speak with care, articulate your thoughts with wit and humour.
Express your character and worth through restraint and subtlety rather than showy, obvious behaviour.