Instead of offering an unabashed view of your innermost thoughts, feelings and physicality… consider a hint instead.
A momentary, partial view is far more alluring than an explicit show.
Allow the man’s imagination to speculate on the rest.



It is a common myth that authority is something that you take.
In practice, authority is something that is given.
When a lady wears an outfit that fully engages the man’s attention and acts in a manner that enchants and captivates, the man submits.
He will open the door, pay the bill, seek to please.
Naive women believe that dressing in a sensual manner is to pander to the male ego.
How so?
A man who is eager to please is hardly the one in control…


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Seduction is something that a person makes manifest.
It is not the clothing or the poise; although such concerns do help.
Allure is generated by feeling, sincerity, spirit.
The eyes convey excitement, appetite, interest and passion.