Rudeness is a matter of taste.
In seductive terms you should suggest rather than expose.
A hint is far better than a show.
When it comes to body language, avoid vulgarity.
Words should never be rude, profane or unladylike.


Seduction is a passionate affair.
You should put your heart into it fully.
This is not for the toe dipper.
Dress, move and speak with surety and strength.
Assert your femininity.


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The eyes are the window to the soul…
This is an interesting thought.
It is not enough to wear great make-up.
You must also think about muscular tension around the eyes, whether you are conveying adverse emotions and stress.
Aim to project excitement, humour, calm patience, mystery and naughtiness.


When you look at pictures featuring burlesque artists like Dita Von Teese, Marianne Cheesecake or Miss Mosh, you immediately notice that there is nothing random taking place.
Every detail is meticulously chosen to optimise the overall effect.
The hairstyle, eye shadow, mascara, lipstick, style of suspender belt, shoes, type of stockings, the poise, the glance, the overall tone of the picture.
As a seductress you do not need to be quite so particular, but it is worth learning the art of presentation.


Learn to communicate physically as well as verbally.
If your words are fun but your body is tired, the man will receive a mixed message.
Make your message clear.
Good body awareness, genuine fitness and poise really shine through.



Not many women have terrific legs that look amazing naked; usually they have knobbly knees, too skinny, too fat, poor muscle tone, mottled skin and/or bulging veins.
People who possess flawless legs tend to be models…
Given how long legs are and what an incredible visual impact they can have it is smart to dress them well.
Thin 100% nylon hosiery is always best.
For seduction avoid fancy patterns, opaque and footless tights (ugh!).
Colour is relative to skin shade although traditionally you would wear paler shades (or tan) during the day and black only at night.


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Low denier hosiery is always the best choice.
The thinner the better.
100% nylon looks far more seductive.
Avoid lycra.
Black colour for night time, tan for day.
Seams are sexy.