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Restraint is the watchword when it comes to shoes.
Keep them plain, simple, elegant and understated.
If you have pretty feet, then heeled sandals or peep toe shoes are great.
If you feet are not so nice, keep them covered.
Ankle straps can look quite erotic if you exercise restraint.


Visualise a lady.
Can you imagine Lady Chatterley talking in a grating, pushy, sarcastic manner?
I rather imagine that she might purr like a cat and murmur with ease and grace.
It is hard to picture a lady speaking quickly or raising her voice.


Books like 50 Shades of Grey paint a picture of a man who ties up simpering young women and then sexually tortures them.
But it’s all consensual…
Conjure in your mind the image of a man holding a riding crop.
This is hardly a manly look.
What sort of man ties up and beats women?
A weak man.


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Seduction can be practiced by anyone willing to make a little effort.
Your aim is not to become Marlene Dietrich.
By introducing a more feminine, potent style to your wardrobe and manner you can quite easily transform your presentation.
A more seductive vibe enables you to exercise modern feminism using classical sensibilities.


50 Shades of Grey is perfect for women who have low self-esteem.
It wonderfully reflects their own inadequacies and unwillingness to take responsibility.
The book and film encourage learned helplessness and keep women in a pre-suffragette role.
No thanks.



The problem with self determining your own gender characteristics is that this approach fails to take into account the fact that men and women are actually different.
Equal rights. Equal opportunities. Yes.
But we’re not the same.