Playful, flirtatious behaviour is an acceptable seduction ploy providing it is used as part of your overall strategy.
Kittenish, inviting, amorous… these are fine.
Sexual attraction is seductive but be careful to step back.
You decide what (if anything) happens next.



Modern society has many things in its favour and no one wishes for the ‘good old days’…
However, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
Many retro skills were effective for a reason.
It is well worth studying women’s fashion throughout the 1920’s – 1960’s to see what we can learn.
Grace Kelly was worshipped for a reason.



If a man dresses up like a woman he is called a transvestite or a female impersonator.
The connotation is never flattering.
What should we call a woman who dresses like a man?


Hosiery comes in many shades.
It can be quite a challenge to find the right colour for your body.
And for your outfit.
Some interesting retro looks are black suspender belt and bra worn with beige stockings or white suspenders with black stockings.
Experiment and explore.


Warmth is tied to receptivity; openness and emotional kindness.
If you are genuine, kind and friendly, you have a major advantage.
Men love to be seduced but they also want to be loved.