Hosiery comes in many shades.
It can be quite a challenge to find the right colour for your body.
And for your outfit.
Some interesting retro looks are black suspender belt and bra worn with beige stockings or white suspenders with black stockings.
Experiment and explore.


Jean Shrimpton by Richard Avedon.


Warmth is tied to receptivity; openness and emotional kindness.
If you are genuine, kind and friendly, you have a major advantage.
Men love to be seduced but they also want to be loved.


Seducing a stranger is a fairly generic business; somewhat formulaic and potentially clichéd.
When your goal is to seduce the one you love the game becomes vastly more challenging.
You may know their tastes, proclivities, interests and preferences but that can also be the problem.
In order to enliven your relationship and enthral him you may need to expand your knowledge, subtlety and skill.
Surprise and challenge him, stretch his boundaries and confound his expectations.
A woman who knows how to seduce the one they love and can do so again and again and again holds the key to long-term relationship success.


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The rejection of the feminine and identification with the masculine is part of this path we have walked.
The reclaiming of our feminine nature is what will bring us home, for ourselves, for our men, and for the children we raise so that they can see a different way of being in the world.
A more authentic way.
A more peaceful way.
A more unified and balanced way.



1952 NY

In terms of relationships, somebody must take the lead.
If the lady waits for the man and the man waits for the lady, and no one makes a move, what happens? Nothing.
The same is true of standards.
Women complain that there are no good men to be found… is this true?
Should you want a man to step up and make an effort, give him something to strive for.
Be somebody he wants to impress.
Encourage him to want to make that effort.
Dressing in your ‘house clothes’ probably won’t do the job.