Catching and keeping a masculine man’s attention means embodying and living into feminine qualities.
In doing so, you will stand out, making him want you more.
Here are 23 feminine qualities to live into:

  1. Surrender – instead of trying to control things, be and do things that support what you want, then let go and let God.
  2. Be Receptive – be open to his feedback, ideas and opinions (unless they are immoral or unethical).
  3. Show Emotions – be with the feelings that come up inside of you and express how you really feel
  4. Be Radiant – let your inner beauty shine by doing the inner work to resolve unhealthy habits and patterns
  5. Flow – be flexible and go with the flow more instead of being so intense
  6. Be Sensual – become comfortable with and love your body
  7. Be Nurturing – nourish and nurture your relationship so that it thrives
  8. Be Affectionate – express your affections verbally, emotionally and physically so that he knows you care for him
  9. Share – be generous in sharing yourself, your time and your love
  10. Be Gentle – be gentle on yourself and your man when things aren’t the way you want them to be
  11. Be Patient – let things unfold naturally instead of trying to rush things
  12. Choose Love – leave your fears behind and let love drive your interactions and relationship
  13. Respond – let him initiate and then respond; in doing so, you will learn how much he wants (or doesn’t) you in his life
  14. Be Intuitive – answers to matter of love are found in your intuition; listen to your body and respond accordingly
  15. Be Sweet – be sweet for it makes you lovable
  16. Be Approachable – let your guard down and be open so that your man feels comfortable telling you what’s really going on
  17. Be Empathetic – be sensitive to his thoughts, feelings and challenges
  18. Be Vulnerable – let him experience the real you, the good and self-perceived bad
  19. Be Humble – when something good happens, be grateful and give credit to your partner if he helped the something good happen
  20. Be Generous – give your attention by listening to and hearing your partner; spend time together enjoying each other’s company; be supportive
  21. Be Balanced – live a harmonious life by giving balanced attention to your personal and professional life
  22. Be Patient – when facing challenges in love, know that everything is happening for your greater good and this too shall pass
  23. Be Soft – let go of baggage, disappointment and heartache from past relationships not working out so that your heart is open to love.

Source: http://loveforsuccessfulwomen.com/2013/12/23-feminine-qualities-that-will-improve-your-love-life/