Pleasuring a woman is not high on most men’s agenda.
Women have sought refuge in electronic stimulation; which is great but potentially lonely.
Skilful seduction can enable a woman to experience her pleasure in the company of her man.
He may or may not be the provider but he makes a good seat.


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Anything goes?
Seduction is about setting rules, boundaries and expectations.
The man must be gently groomed; trained to perform within certain parameters that entirely suit your requirements.
A firm hand may be necessary.


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Suggestion is a skill in its own right.
Everything you wear, say and do offers a multitude of messages that can be interpreted in many different ways.
Remain ambiguous, uncommitted, variable…
Keep the man uncertain of what the rules are and how well he is doing.



Been there, done that.
Many people have things far too easy in modern culture.
We can attain things and acquire things without undue effort.
However, there are many drawbacks to a lack of challenge.
It is good to shake things up, try different approaches, stretch our boundaries.
And our limitations.
Suddenly there is no rut, and life is no longer routine, familiar and boring…