Is seduction some sort of role-play?
This is not a sex game.
Seduction is a skill; something you can use in all aspects of your life to persuade men to treat you well and do as you say.



The battle of the sexes is far from over but the game has changed.
We are now waging a war on multiple fronts: against men, against dinosaur feminists with throwback ideas from the 1960’s, against women unduly influenced by Gok Wan (not a woman) and the lazy indolence of daytime TV.
If you are a bra burning feminist who refuses to wear hosiery and is currently sporting a man’s haircut and wardrobe, you are sadly out of step with the times.
Those days are over: why not join the 21st Century?


The funny thing about people is that if you don’t make your mind up, somebody else will do it for you.
Men did this for millennia.
Women have only just gained the right to vote, work and masturbate without shame.
Assert your agenda and don’t be shy about it.
If you dither, the man will take it as a sign of weakness and take over.