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If you want to attract James Bond (or whoever suits your taste) you cannot dress like a man yourself.
You need to use your femininity.
To fish you need bait, and in seductive terms that bait is you.
How you dress, carry yourself, speak and act will directly determine the type of man who takes an interest in you.


A seductress outfit need not bankrupt you.
In fact, the best clothes can be worn everyday.
Good hosiery and nice lingerie need not be saved for a rainy day.
Shoes can be sexy without skyscraper heels.
Rather than throw money away on designer labels or this years trends, shop slowly and judiciously.
Have an informed eye; buy classical clothes that may look expensive but are affordable for you.


When buying clothing, ask some necessary questions:
Could I wear this in 10 years time?
Would it look silly in the next decade?
Can I imagine Grace Kelly wearing this?
How would Marilyn Monroe look?
We are aiming for timeless appeal; for a style that will not date.