Few parts of the human body receive as much attention as the feet and the abundance of shoes found in the average wardrobe is a testament to this.
Great care must be taken to choose your footwear cautiously.
The human foot is not aesthetically pretty; it can have many unsightly veins, misshapen toes and badly cut nails.
Thin hosiery and well chosen shoes can turn the ugliest part of the body into an object of fetish.
If you want to be seductive, remove your shoes reluctantly and be careful to make sure that your feet are pleasing to the eye.


If you don’t expect very much, then that is all you will get…
Aim higher.
Expect more.
Don’t settle for second rate.
You don’t need to be high maintenance.
Just have standards and self respect.
Half-assed is not good enough for you because you deserve more.


Talking is great fun but distinguish between male talk and female talk.
A man has little interest in gossip, moaning, complaints or chit-chat.
Men like action, decisions, solutions.
Be judicious.
Avoid talking about anything you know nothing about.
If placed in an awkward position, merely smile or admit that you don’t know.
See conversation as an opportunity to demonstrate a good vocabulary, wit, humour and intelligence.