Women never used to have their say.
A man would (occasionally) listen politely and then go ahead and do whatever he pleased.
The tables have turned.
More and more women have effectively gagged their men.
They are making the decisions and the men meekly nod in agreement although consent was not required.


<p>Ma… mi stavi cercando?Si…. Da una vita intera<br />

The ultimate aim of any activity for the modern woman needs to be pleasure.
What better motivator?
Seduction is about the acquisition of a pleasure provider.
Shopping for the right one is fun.


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One of the main features of seduction is the fact that you do not really want to remove your clothes.
Even if you reach a stage of sexual contact, remove articles reluctantly, if at all.
Offer only the most limited opportunity to see your flesh, to directly touch your skin.
This is a power play.